Inside this ish......
The Bass Man Speaketh!
The Girl tells it like it is.
New Kid on the Block.
Mr Keys Speaks Out!
Ki-eth Raps Wit' Ya!

The Taste of the Bass is in your Face.

Hi, Drew the Bass player here, student by day, musician by night. I am currently studying A levels at Barton Peveril Sixth Form College, and enjoy chicken chow mein, football, motor sport and praying. Which is nice!

Like my musical chums, I am a committed Christian and attend Locks Heath Free Church, in Locks Heath (strangely).

I hope you enjoy our material, it should have something for everyone, from traditional folk elements to crazy classic sounds, grrreat! We hope our music provides relevant and contemporary ministry, wherever we play, so look out for us.

That's all for now, yours in Christ,


PS. Thank you to all my friends at Testwood Baptist Church, for their love and support.

Hear the Drummer get Wicked!

Greetings All…….

Well I suppose you all want to know about me….I have no ear lobes!! Ummmm….

Anyway, I'm the drummer of this band "Sound", previously called "Curious?" and in the next news letter (The Vibe, you mean, shurely? ..Ed) I expect we'll have another new name!!

Well guys I hope you like our music and thank you for your support - keep it up!

Love 'n' hugs,


PS. Mellow thought for the day

"It's better to travel than to arrive"…

…(we've been travelling for quite some time now!!)

Play that funky music white boy.

OK, so I'm the new boy at school. You know the feeling you get, when everyone knows where they're going in a big school complex and you're completely lost! Well I am that bewildered boy, new band, new tunes and I have to learn them all!

I play keyboards, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, tambourine, castanets, Jew's harp, and kazoo!! (heh heh heh!) I sometimes also play bass at church if Andy (Drew) can't make it - which fortunately is not too often!)

I LOVE funky music, Brand New Heavies, Incognito, Funky Beehive, Phatfish.. you know, that sort of thing. (Certainly anything with an Acid Jazz label!)

I work for the government (I could tell you what I do, but I'd have to kill you afterwards! - that was a joke by the way!!) with computers. I have been known to "surf the 'net" on the odd occasion. If you're wired to the Internet and you want to send me an Email, point your post to :- [address removed]

As I'm the editor of The Vibe you can also send any ideas, items that you would like included etc.

Thanks for reading this far!

God Bless


Play us a song you're the Piano Man.

Greetings music lovers! (Pop Pickers! ..Ed) Fresh back from session work with the BBC, I'm Steve the frontman of the band. I play a variety of instruments within the group, not least of all a strangely sexy tin whistle. (eh? ..Ed)

Although I have been denied any of the sex appeal, (huh? ..Ed) I'd like to think I have a small share of creative talent, and do most of the songwriting with Keith (I do the lyrics mostly). The songs are trying to challenge peoples attitudes and ideas; hopefully we can change an apathetic generation into one of "movers and shakers"



Purple Haze is in his brain.

Hi, I'm Keith (aka Kieth, pronounced Kye-eth) and I play guitar, mandolin and various other instruments that may find their way on to stage with us.

With this being the first issue of The Vibe there isn't a lot for me to report, but

the highlight so far for us was playing a service with Ben Castle, son of world famous entertainer Roy Castle.

It was a pleasure to play with such a talented musician, he told me afterwards. No, only joking, but it was an honour to play alongside him and hopefully this marks the start of many good things to come for Sound.

All the best,

Keith .


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