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The Word!
Hear this from Hearn!
Kicking it with Ki-eth.
The Ed has a word.
Drew speaks with you.

Got Something to Shout About?

G'day everyone I hope things are going well for you! I just wanted to share something with you for a while. A few weeks ago the great "Ki-eth" and I went to a music / worship conference in Eastbourne.

I can't even begin to tell you how fab it was! I learnt heaps, but one thing really struck me - if we're Christians, which is the best thing in the world - right? Why then, do some of us go to Church looking so miserable and why do some songs seem so depressing?

Although I appreciate that quiet times with God are equally important, we should balance things up with CELEBRATIONS!!! We have found the love of God that thousands of people are desperately searching for, we have the JOY of the Holy Spirit in US!! We should be celebrating and praising God for all that he's done for us and showing others this is the purpose of Life.

So next time you're in Church, or anywhere for that matter, and feel like dancing or celebrating, don't be afraid of what people think, ENJOY worshipping God. After all he's done for us, it's the least we can do for him!!

….by an enthusiastic wholehearted Lover of God!

(aka Nikki - Ed)

Thought:- "If Angels PARTY in Heaven, let us PARTY on Earth."

Camping out with Steve.

Hi, it's Steve here, camping it up in the world of Christian music (huh? Ed). Just like to thank all of the people who have supported us this last year despite never actually achieving any of our high flown aims. Yet God is good, and has taken us on to new things.

Special thanks are due to Paul and Tim without whom you would not be able to hear us - a good thing you might say!

We are very excited about some of the gigs coming up, especially at the Barn, which may lead to a slot at the Kingston Festival.

Anyway keep coming and we may send you something. perhaps!

See you later, Steve.

Crosstown Chatting.

Well hello again! It's been an interesting few months for Sound. We've recently ventured into the world of recording and managed to get "Tears" onto tape and as I write (excuse me, I'm typing this! - Ed) the whole band are recovering from a session of "How Can I Repay You". We don't know where these recordings will end up, but their main purpose for now is to use them as demo material for venues. Songwriting has been going well for the band with three new songs being added to our growing set list.

And Finally.. If any of you have any ideas for The Vibe or general feedback about Sound, do not hesitate to approach us at a gig or write to us. (Contact details at the end of The Vibe.)

Until next time ..TTFN, Keith

(For those not "in the know" that stands for "Ta Ta For Now" - Ed, the educator!)

The Chaos Theory.

Hi y'all (guess where I went on holiday last year! Clue:- it's initials are U.S and A). Life for me has got rather hectic. I've got a new job now (no longer a civiI serpent - was that a typing error?) I now work with a company that's involved in Cash Handling (could come in useful! - unfortunately there aren't any free give-aways!) It also means that I'm not very static so it's making life a bit of a juggling act trying to keep a social life intact.

So what have I been up to lately? Oh yeah, I've recently bought a new keyboard stand which is drop dead gorgeous and I'm thinking of taking her out for lunch next week! You'll see her in all her glory at the next Sound gig. I also keep boring people about a new keyboard I'm after (one day, one day!) and when it comes you'll see that in all it's glory too!

I've used far too many exclamation marks here so now it's time to get serious. Thank you for coming to the gigs, without you listening there's not much point in playing. Though we enjoy playing together our main aim is to glorify God and present him in a positive, relevant way. If you have any questions or want to chat, do please talk to us after a gig - or contact us (details at the end of The Vibe).

That's all from me, see you soon,

God Bless, Mark.

Booming Bits from the Bass Boy.

Salutations to all you Sound Freaks out there, it's Drew, the bassist here again with another insight into the crazy world of Sound (didn't Alan Whicker make a programme about that? -Ed). Well a few more gigs played, a few more songs written for your pleasure (or otherwise - Ed) and more A Level exams taken (A what? - Ed), it's hard but someone's gotta do it. The style of Sound is still as weird as ever, combining traditional folk elements with rock, pop and all round strangeness (Bossanova anyone? - Ed), this makes our sound somewhat unique I hope.

I'd like to take a moment to say thank you to a few people, such as Tim Richards, our sound engineer, Paul Clarkson, our sound and visuals operator, and Matt "The Producer" Petrie for his hard work (cheers for the remix). These are the guys that we couldn't do without, cheers lads.

Anyway please send us letters, even if you just want to talk to us, and keep coming to our gigs.

Until the next time, yours in Christ, Drew.

PS. Thanks also to my friends at Testwood Baptist Church for their love. Special thanks to Ian Ovenden for years of friendship, keep playing!


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