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"But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvellous light."

1 Peter 2 vs. 9

It has been a quiet summer for Sound; the Barn provided a stunning opportunity to showcase our music to a wider audience back in May, however since then our activities have been near dormant - not so for me. Engagements at London's South Bank and Westminster Abbey and other concerts, both Classical and Jazz (with my band the Jazz Council) have left just enough time to produce some more offerings for the Sound repertoire - indeed all of us have been stretching our creativity despite the lack of gigs - we hope you like the new stuff.

Concentrating more on our existence as a worship team at Locks Heath Centre Church (well most of us, Ed!) has been important for preparing us for what we believe will be a year of "declaring the praises of him who has called us out of darkness into his marvellous light" through Sound. It will be difficult to say goodbye to Tim, our chief sound engineer (should that be Sound engineer!), who will be off to Reading on the strength of his four A's (count 'em - Ed!) at A Level. Congratulations and many thanks Tim! Also this maybe my last year with Sound, university beckons soon. Pray that God will help us to discern the way forward, as we consider what is best for us as musicians; as ambassadors (of Funk?) of the Gospel (oh right!)

Love Steve.

PS:- Some people claim not to be able to understand my lyrics - don't hesitate to ask - you may read something there I haven't discovered yet!

Electric Lady's Man.

Well another Vibe and again I find myself stuck for words. The summer has been quite exciting for Sound even though we haven't done many gigs.

We have written two new songs, which you will be hearing in the autumn gigs. The first song (written by Drew) is called "Take me up" and is a great uplifting folk song and guaranteed to have you humming the chorus for weeks. The other song came from an original concept by myself and helped along by Steve when I was close to giving up with it. It is called "A throne in the stars" and takes its influences more from the Britpop scene than our usual folk/rock roots.

If you've put your name and address on our mailing list and are still wondering where your mailings are please do not panic. We are currently working on a process to make it easier (our mailing list is growing all the time!). You will get something soon.

Thanks to our friend Justin (Vid Cam Vid Man) we are currently filming all of our gigs and, who knows, they may well end up on some form of compilation vid one day (how about a working title of "Sound & Vision"?! - Ed). So come to our gigs, dance around and you may see yourselves one day (I am personally featured on the Eden Burning video!) (with long hair! - Ed)

Anyway that's enough from me so until the next gig/Vibe,

See you soon! Keith

Here's a picture of Sound setting up - as you can see we even take TV sets with us! (on our way to U2 PopMart screens or what!? err, or what I think - Ed)

Sound setting up for a gig.

This picture was taken at the South Hants Bible Camp reunion at Velmore Chapel, near Chandlers Ford.

Nikki knocks drums.

Hi everyone, I hope you're all fine and dandy! It's been a few months since our last "Vibe", but hey, you can't have too much of a good thing!

The most important thing that happened to me in the last couple of months is the South Hants Bible Camp! For those who don't know what this is, it's a Christian youth camp that runs throughout July and August in Lockerly (Romsey, Southampton). It consists of 4 weeks, each week is a different age group;

Senior Camp - age 16-19, Inter Camp - age 13-16, Junior Camp - age 10-12 and Extra Camp - age 12-14 (or there abouts!)

Camp is a real passion for me, almost as much as Sound is! I have been right through the camps as a camper and now I'm too old :-(, I'm a helper! It's a brill opportunity to have fun with other Christians (and non-Christians), do activities throughout the day and get to know more about God - which is the heart of camp! I love it, if you haven't been, you're missing out, so come next year! (Talk to Sound for more info on camp!) Sound (well most of - Ed!) played Jazz for a ball at Inter Camp - Drew, Keith and myself were all "workers" this year! Normally we'd do a gig there as well.

I'm thinking about doing a Christian Counselling Course next year, it would mean taking a year out from my current study, but if that's where God wants me, then that's where I go!

I'm writing two songs at the mo, one about "Falling in love with God" and the other about "True Freedom only given by God", whether you hear these will depend on what the guys think!!

Must go now, Ciao, Nikki

PS Sound are thinking of getting a manager so please pray for guidance in this area.

Blip, Blip, Whoosh, Zippow!

I was going to start the paragraph with "Well.." but Keith and Drew have beaten me to it! So, (well it's fractionally better than "well") I've got my new keyboard which I rattled on about in the last Vibe - it's blue and cool and makes lots of weird noises (which I like!)

Had a good time at Greenbelt this year - if you were there and you were tuned in to 106FM, you'd have heard my dulcet tones on the Breakfast Show on Radio Greenbelt. I didn't interview any famous bands this year (ho hum), last year I had Funky Beehive (now known as Beehive) and the last ever radio interview by Eden Burning! (ooh, whoopee! I hear you cry!) Three bands to look out for (except Sound of course!) are All Star United, Weapons of Sound and Psalmistry. Weapons of Sound play bits of rubbish (like shopping trolleys, plastic bins - you name it, they play it!), they're fronted by a guy called Eddie, the only Christian in the band, who is also the front man for Psalmistry (busy chap!) Psalmistry are apparently a Christian version of Prodigy(!), so I'm intrigued to hear some of their stuff. The show stealers at Greenbelt for me were All Star United - an American band that play a kind of Britpop (Yankpop?!), they've got a great bunch of songs up their collective sleeves and are not afraid to share the good news of Jesus. If you ask me nicely you may get a demo of their keyboard players antics- but I doubt it! (It involves throwing keyboards around the stage!)

I'll sign off for now. See you at the next gig, God Bless, Mark.

PS:- Remember that BIBLE stands for "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth" - OK!

Drew Bombs the Bass.

Well, so, new things ,new places, and new songs, HOOOOORAH! I sincerely hope you'll be joining us for our musical adventure (nice!) over the new year, please come and enjoy the cosmic SOUND, of our interesting new songs, which as usual combine traditional folk elements with cheesy Europop. As Keith mentioned, yes, I have written a new song which with luck will be showcased at the Maxim on the 20th September for you. Hope you like it!

Cheers for all the support that you have given us over the last year, even though our work and our commitments to worship music have kept us off the scene since the Barn. Between now and next summer we hope to appear more often to share God's message with you.

Now the boring bit's over with I'll tell you about what I am doing after the effort of A-Levels. Starting an HND at Highbury college in Portsmouth this month brings a whole new set of challenges and opportunities to witness to a new bunch of unchurched students, so your prayers would really be appreciated.

I have now used up all my space, so I'll see you at a gig near you soon, where you'll see me playing funky bass vibes yet again. (Ooh yeh - Ed!)

Yours in Christ,Drew.


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