Inside this ish......
Bass Ballistics.
Viv Savage and his spine.
The Man with the Silver Case.
Little Drummer Girl.
Sing it, Steve!
Ron the Manager.

Boom, Boom, Boom... let me hear you say Way-oh!

Hi to the Sound freaks out there, (well there's a sure fire-way of losing ANY fans we EVER had - Ed) and welcome to the latest instalment of The Vibe. Well, Happy New Year and all that jazz, (nice!) I hope Crimbo (who?? - Ed) was an enlightening time as it has been for us. We've been very busy over Christmas what with gigs and going to other parts of the country, well for some of us anyway.

This year, we feel, will be the year to open our wings and "fly", (which happens to be the theme of my new song - "Take me up"). I hope that this year we can play more, write more and hopefully spread the message of Jesus Christ, specifically to un-churched teenagers. So if you see our name and we're playing, (I'd be worried if you see our name and we're NOT playing! - Ed) then try and bring as many non-Christian friends along with you as you can. (By the way Christians are just as welcome!!! - Ed)

Mark and Keith will be brandishing lots of new gear this year so keep your eye out (ee-yeugh, sounds painful - Ed).

Anyway Happy New Year and see you soon,

Yours in Christ, Drew

Is there such a thing as "rack-back"?

Hi everyone! I trust you had a good Christmas and New Year, and that you've managed to keep to your New Years resolutions! I had a good couple of weeks off work over Christmas which was GREAT! Enabled me to play around musically, I've got all my noise making equipment in a box (known as a rack in the biz - woo! impress your friends with your word knowledge!) The only problem is it weighs a TON! I have to call Ki-eth around to help me load it in the car for each gig (thanks Keith!) it's sooo bloomin' heavy!

We've now got a band manager! (see the article over the page), so welcome aboard Justin (cue Mark playing the sailors hornpipe - on a synth of course!) So now we can have somebody to co-ordinate us into a crack commando unit, who in 1972 were sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit and then promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Oh no, that was The A Team! Well, at least we'll be able to sort out more gigs now and pump out the Sound! (around and around, underground and overground - help I'm turning into an MC!!)

Well I think I'd better sign off for now (for the sake of us all! - Ed).

God Bless, Mark

PS: Remember . Christ is not just for Christmas

You do Chilli?

Well, Happy New Year to you all, 1998 has only just begun, but already the year is looking promising. Even by the time you've read this, we have already played a gig at The Barn (or playing a gig at the moment if you're bored!). We're all still very excited about the new songs in our set and the increasing creativity within the band. I'm sure everyone else has mentioned it, but another thing that's new for '98 is Justin, having been promoted from video cameraman to "Manager". (But could you still do the camera at the gigs Just? - ta! - Ed) He's got some great ideas for us and we're very pleased to have him on board.

Please keep supporting Sound with your prayers and physical presence at our gigs and I hope to see you soon.

Yours in Christ, Keith.

Par Rup Pa Pum-Pum!

Hiya Sweeties! I hope you're all well? So Sound have been on pause for the last few months or so, but this year we'll be making up for it!! We've decided to have a bit of a re-vamp! I expect this has already been mentioned but Justin has joined Sound as our manager. He's done a fab job of organising us, believe me, we needed it!! Also we've started to look for direction. I'm sure the guys won't mind me mentioning this, but although we've always wanted to go God's way we never really asked him which way that is!?!! So now not only do we have a manager and Mark has heaps of new gear - which, I might add, has flashing lights very similar to those in Knight Rider (by the way how is the medication coming along Nikki? - Ed!). But we knew we needed to ask God for his guidance - WHO CAN STOP US NOW!!??

At Locks Heath, Fareham (home for Sound), the Genesis Centre has just been built. Our church has BIG plans for this centre, we hope to put on a "cutting edge" type event where Sound will be playing. Also the centre has a recording studio, so there may be an album yet!

Anyway we'll keep playing for you, praying for God's direction and proclaiming his love as far as He takes us!

Cheers for your support..there's more to come. Nikki

Think for a minute.

"The old order changeth, yielding place to new, And God fulfils himself in many ways"


'Saluete Amici', (I hope I spelt that right - Ed!) to one and all. At the start of 1998 I'd like to bring a few thoughts that inspired and directed me in my writing and introducing of songs, and also have challenged me in my Christian life.

Habakkuk 3 says "Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord. Renew them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy." All of us would like to see social justice, an end to discrimination, the end of futile war and corruption, but all too often God is our last resort. It's one thing to want God to move and to preach about it - BUT we must live every moment of our lives as if the very passion which drives us is striving towards that goal. We must consider others before ourselves, and take on the responsibility for change - it won't be handed to us on a plate (even if we whinge enough!) Apathy is the worst of vices.

Please help Sound to help change peoples attitudes, through God's power in 1998.

In Christ's love, Steve.

Music, isn't it? Marshall stack amps for goal posts, Marvellous!

Hello, I've been going to Locks Heath Free Church for about a year and a half now and I've got this group of friends who are in a great Christian band called Sound. Their music is really cool, however they are always moaning that they never have enough gigs and don't get round to doing mail